’no cats!‘ Lustige Mäuse, Maus Loch Wandaufkleber, keine Katzen wandsticker

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Hochwertiger Vinyl-Wandaufkleber Annahme mice are holding a tentative protest against the cats in your home! Although they probably won’t be successful in scaring off any felines, they are guaranteed to make visitors smile! This sticker fits nicely oben angeführtstandard skirting board, but would look great on the stairs or the window ledge- maybe you even have a ungefähr free zone they’d be perfect for? They’re suitable for outdoor use too if you ungefähr find a smooth flat surface. Stickers are printed on UV-stable high quality self-adhesive vinyl from unverändert hand painted artwork by lola murals. Now printed with a matte laminate to ensure a tatsächlich hand-painted finish! Easy to apply- simply peel off the backing paper and apply to any clean surface. Rub/smooth over with a clean dry cloth or plastic card to remove any air bubbles. Etikett measures approx. 9 x 13cm Fair for skirting boards/walls/furniture/doors Suitable for indoor or outdoor use.